Saturday, October 27, 2012

Il Capo

Galeazzo Ciano was born in 1903. He held several diplomatic posts in Brazil, Argentina and China before marrying Edda Mussolini, the daughter of Benito Mussolini in 1930. In 1935 Mussolini appointed Ciano as Minister of Propaganda. The following year he became Minister of Foreign Affairs. Ciano was put in command of a bomber squadron and flew on several missions during the war against Ethiopia (1935-36). In 1942 Ciano became increasingly dissatisfied with the way Benito Mussolini was running the country. After a series of heated arguments with Mussolini, Ciano resigned as foreign minister in February, 1943.
Ciano remained a member of the Fascist Grand Council and argued that Italy should sign a separate peace with the Allies. He also voted for Mussolini to be replaced by Pietro Badoglio.
Ciano left Rome after Mussolini's was overthrown but he was captured by the German Army. On the orders of Benito Mussolini Ciano was given a mock trial and was sentenced to a "traitors" death - being shot in the back while tied to a chair on 11th January, 1944.*
In the Strangers' world, Galeazzo Ciano inherited the power from Mussolini. Unlike his father-in-law, he preferred to be called Il Capo (The Head).
Народу на площади стало гораздо меньше, дождь давно перестал идти, а я стоял у самого дорогого в мире кинотеатра «Одеон» и с неожиданным для самого себя интересом изучал афиши Недели Италии в Лондоне. Самую большую афишу украшал портрет графа Чиано, и я в который раз подумал, до чего же он стал похож на своего покойного тестя. Хоть и называет себя не «дуче», а «капо».
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